Characteristics of stress distribution of a multi layered cylindrical pressure vessel

  • Somnath Somadder Lecturer, KUET
  • Palash Das
  • Md Ashraful Islam
Keywords: stress distribution, thermo-mechanical loads, multilayer pressure vessel, centripedal and centrifugal, analytical and numerical analysis


The operation of a multilayer pressure vessel subjected to thermomechanical loads is very significant. The cylindrical pressure vessel is widely used in industrial engineering, for example, to hold a variety of different types of liquid. On thick-walled cylinders, various loading circumstances such as internal overpressure, external overpressure, heat, bending, twisting, and combinations of these load characteristics are applied. Researchers have developed a number of strategies for enhancing the strength of cylinders, including the use of multilayer cylinders and increasing the thickness of the walls. This paper presents the results of an analytical and numerical analysis of a three-layer cylinder. Abaqus FEA software is used to determine temperature, displacement, and stress distribution of multilayer cylinder considering the effect of centripetal and centrifugal heat flow. From the numerical analysis it is observed that  centrifugal heat flux is more hazardous than centripetal heat flux for multilayered cylinder under thermo-mechanical loading.


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Somadder, S., Das, P. and Islam, M. A. (2023) “Characteristics of stress distribution of a multi layered cylindrical pressure vessel”, Journal of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, 6(2). doi: 10.30464/jmee.00305.
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