The Egg shell as a filler in composite materials - a review

  • Dr. Ravi Kumar Chandrappa Alvas Institute of Engineering and Technology
  • Mrs. Sakshi S Kamath, Mrs
Keywords: natural fibre composites, chicken egg shell powder, mechanical property, water absorption property


Current focus is on Natural fibre reinforced polymer composites with its advantages being eco-friendly in nature, high strength to weight ratio, being bio-degradable and naturally available when compared to its counterpart; synthetic fibres which is non-biodegradable, expensive and hazardous in nature. The strength of the natural fibre composites is further enhanced by different types of additives which includes fillers, flame retardants, silanes, coupling agents and so on. One such additives, in role is egg shell powder which greatly influences the strength of natural fibre composites and thus, gains the attention of researches for its incorporation in composite fabrication. The work is in progress with respect to utilizing waste egg shell in composite fabrication, which not only finds solution to discard this waste, but also enhances the strength of composites manufactured. This work is the compilation of work done by different researchers with egg shell in composites, so that the need of its utilization in the same will be clearer with its advantages with respect to achieving greater mechanical strength and wear resistant property and thereby it could be continued to be used as filler during composite production.


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Chandrappa, D. R. and Kamath, M. S. (2021) “The Egg shell as a filler in composite materials - a review”, Journal of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, 4(4), pp. 335-340. doi: 10.30464/jmee.2020.4.4.335.
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