The development of prototyping and their research over the centuries

Keywords: prototype, testing prototypes, rapid prototyping, new product, implementation


This paper presents issues related to the subject of prototyping. It discusses the essence of creating prototypes in historical times and in contemporary times. The paper presents the process of car development in the times of Henry Ford and in modern times. Briefly contemporary methods of prototyping, so-called fast prototyping methods, are discussed. In short, the issues of researching prototypes in historical and contemporary times are also discussed. This article perfectly allows to see the progress in technology that has been made over the centuries from XIX to XXI.


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Burchardt, E. (2021) “The development of prototyping and their research over the centuries”, Journal of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, 4(4), pp. 309-314. doi: 10.30464/jmee.2020.4.4.309.
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