Bubble boiling in flow of refrigerating media

  • Tadeusz Bohdal Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Power Engineering, Koszalin University of Technology, Raclawicka 15-17, 75-620, Koszalin, Poland
Keywords: bubbly boiling, heat transfer and pressure drop, tubular channel


The paper describes results of investigations of heat transfer and pressure drop during bubbly boiling of refrigerating media. In this article were presented of authors own experimental studies and were proposed new simple calculation model describing bubble boiling in the tubular channel. The author attempts to put forward a simplified description of the process of bubble boiling in a straight pipe. The two-phase one-component (liquid-vapour) system is treated as a continuum governed by the laws of conservation of energy, momentum and mass. The continuum is characterised by parameters that describe the two-phase system, such as density of the two-phase mixture, static void fraction or static equilibrium dryness fraction. In view of engineering applications, a one-dimensional model is used where physical quantities are cross-section averaged. This way the average velocity, pressure, temperature, and so on, are introduced. The results of the proposed model have been compared with the results of the experimental research with satisfactory compliance.


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Author Biography

Tadeusz Bohdal, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Power Engineering, Koszalin University of Technology, Raclawicka 15-17, 75-620, Koszalin, Poland


Tadeusz Bohdal is a graduate of the Higher School of Engineering in Koszalin (now Koszalin University of Technology). Since 01.09.1976 he is an employee of Koszalin University of Technology. Currently employed as a full professor, he is the Head of the Power Engineering Department at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. His main specialty is the widely understood thermal and refrigeration technology. Educational, research and implementation activities cover theoretical and applied issues in conventional power engineering and the acquisition and processing of energy from renewable sources, the rational use of energy, the improvement of the efficiency of machinery and energy equipment, the search for new insulating materials and materials which well-conductive heat. He conducts scientific and research works on the boiling and condensing of new pro-ecological refrigerants. This applies in particular to heat transfer and flow resistance in two-phase systems in steady and unstable states. He is the author of more than three hundred and fifty scientific and technical publications (domestic and foreign), ten books and more than a hundred documented studies for business entities. He has been the manager of six grants, has promoted eight doctors, he is an author of numerous reviews of qualification works, research grants and research papers, as well as conference proceedings. He is also the author of 4 monographs and 9 national patents.

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