Effect of some parameters on the thermo-hydraulic characteristics of a channel heat exchanger with corrugated walls

Keywords: Heat exchanger, corrugated walls, laminar flow, complex fluids


The present work is a numerical modeling of the flow of a viscous fluid provided with convective heat transfer in a rectangular channel. We focus on the influence of the shape of corrugations which are present on the channel walls. Three shapes of corrugations are studied and which are: the rectangular, triangular and semi-circular shape. Also, effects of the height and number of corrugations on the fluid dynamics and thermal characteristics of the exchanger are highlighted. The working fluid is non-Newtonian (having a shear thinning behavior modeled by the Otswald law). The obtained results reveal that the presence of corrugations yields a major change in the heat exchange execution. In terms of superiority of heat transfer ratio, the cases under investigation can be classified as follows: rectangular > triangular > semi-circular. However and in terms of low pressure drop, this ranking is reversed. Furthermore, the triangular and semi-circular shapes were found to have almost similar effects.


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Author Biographies

Houari Ameur, Department of Technology, Institute of Science and Technology, University Center of Naama, Algeria



Houari Ameur is a Doctor in the Department of Technology at University Center of Naama (Ctr Univ Naama). He received his Engineering Diploma in 2006 in Marine Engineering, his Master Degree in 2008, his PhD in 2012 and his HDR in 2013 in Mechanical Engineering from University of Science and Technology, Oran (USTO-MB), Algeria. His current research interests are mainly in the area of non-Newtonian fluid flows, mechanical mixing, Computational Fluid Dynamics, heat exchangers and thermal applications.

Djamel Sahel, Department of Technical Sciences, University Amar Thilidji of Laghouat, Algeria


Djamel Sahel is a Doctor in the Depatment of Technical Sciences at University of Laghouat, Algeria. He obtained his engineering degree in energy mechanics in 2007. In the same specialty, he obtained his Master and PhD degrees in 2011 and 2017, respectively from the University of Science and Technology USTO-MB, Oran, Algeria. Her research fields are heat transfer, fluid flow, membrane systems and optimization of thermal systems.

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Ameur, H. and Sahel, D. (2019) “Effect of some parameters on the thermo-hydraulic characteristics of a channel heat exchanger with corrugated walls”, Journal of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, 3(1), pp. 53-60. doi: 10.30464/jmee.2019.3.1.53.
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